1. I have a conflicted relationship with minimalism. My habits and personality are as far from minimalist as could be reasonably imagined; my living spaces are inevitably messy, my tastes and interests eclectic. I am disorderly in both physical practice and emotional tenor—in my world, passion leads logic firmly by the ear. However, I frequently peruse the latest issues of Dwell and Architectural Digest, lusting after disciplined interiors where everything has purpose and place. I already have a dining set of mid-century modern bentwood chairs waiting for the day when I have a house to put them in. And I love the  luxury of plain, pure color; simple, tactile materials; and harmonious compositions. So it’s really no surprise that I am drawn to the style of these interior and apparel collections by the Danish company Louise Roe Design Essentials. The architectural prints, substantial materials, and spare lines all feel perfect for the cold, clear light of January, and make me want to cheat on my inherently maximalist self, just a little.


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